Snap! Discography

In 1996 the group was officially disbanded after releasing a greatest hits compilation called Snap! Attack: The Best of Snap!. The album included a new version of their first hit “The Power ’96” and “Rhythm Is a Dancer ’96”.

However, the act made a surprising return in 2000 with a track entitled “Gimme a Thrill”, complete with a rap performed by Turbo B. and vocal from the band’s newest singer Maxayn. It didn’t attract much attention and peaked only at No. 11 in the German Dance Charts. A new album called “One Day on Earth” was planned for release around this time but was canceled. However, promo copies of the album can be found online.

A new version of “Do You See the Light” remixed by Plaything was released in 2002. The following year, a remixed album, The Cult of Snap! was released and re-worked singles were issued. “Rhythm Is a Dancer 2003” peaked at No. 7 in Germany and No. 17 in the UK, while “The Power (of Bhangra 2003)” charted moderately in Austria, Switzerland and Denmark. The act also released a re-done version of “Oops Up!” which featured vocals by NG3 and managed to enter the Swedish Charts at No. 40 and the German top 100 singles chart at No. 69.

Buoyed by the success of the remixes, Münzing and Anzilotti went back into the studio with male singer Damien Behanan, also known as Loc, and released the single “Beauty Queen” in September 2005 through Luma Music, which peaked inside the top10 of the German Dance Charts but it failed to enter the official charts. They would also release another digital download single in 2008 featuring Loc, Jumping!, but this also failed to chart.

On 16 June 2008, a new version of “Rhythm Is a Dancer ’08” was released as a CD single in the UK which peaked at No. 23 there.

In 2018, rights to all recordings of Snap!, previously owned by Michael Münzing and Luca Anzilotti themselves, were transferred to BMG Rights Management, a current incarnation of Bertelsmann Music Group.

In late 1989 Penny came to Germany to record female vocals for a new electronic dance group Snap! which was being created by producers Michael Münzing & Luca Anzilotti. She worked alongside rapper Turbo B in recording of their first album, later on releasing their first mega hit “The Power” in 1990, which went viral and sold over 1 million copies in the US.

In May 1990 Snap’s debut album called “World Power” was released. Some of its highlights were:

number 4 – Ö3 Top 40 (Austrtia)
number 4 – Swiss Music Chart
number 7 – Media Control Charts (Germany)
number 10 – UK Albumbs Chart
number 20 – Topplistan Chart (Sweden)
number 25 – Aria Charts (Australia)
number 30 – Billboard 200 chart (US)

It also received a gold certificate from the NVPI with sales of more than 60,000 copies in Holland.

The album was also certified gold Austria, Australia, the UK, the US and Sweden.

It became Platinum in Switzerland and Germany.

Later on the band released their second single “Ooops”, which was at the very top of many international charts. It became gold and sold more than 500,000 copies in the US.

The band were flying high, releasing two more amazing singles “Mary Had a Little Boy” and “Cult of Snap”.

Around the same time Snap! had an international tour. Shortly after it their second album came out, two songs were written by Penny Ford “See the Light” and “Colour of Love”. Penny chose to leave the band in 1991, so those songs were recoded by her replacement Thea Austin.

In 2006, Penny returned to Snap and continues to perform worldwide as the original and official singer of the group. `